watching movies that remind me what it feels like to dream abroad.

(Isabel and Jorge taking a walk at sunset. Ammam, Jordan. 2012.)

[El siguiente diálogo pertenece a la película que he estado viendo esta tarde. 
Se llama [ The Way ] y sí, os la recomiendo. ]

[Son] -Listen. My doctorate... I'm not going to finish it. 

[Father] - You mean this year. 

[Son] -I mean ever! You can't learn about the world in school!

[Father] -You're not just in school, you're in Berkeley! Take a semester off, sure, but don't throw away the last ten years of your life!

[Son] -When was the last time you traveled abroad? And I'm not just talking about business. Nepal, Morocco, India, Papua New Guinea, Europe... I gotta go to all these places, I just gotta go!!