he tirado todos mis libros de egb, bup y cou pero he guardado la tinta que quedaba en ellos

¿Por qué todo lo bueno lo atribuimos a dios?
¡Llevo un año con mi novio!
Edward munch es grande
Compra el calmante
BCM Music Empire
Soc molt rara,
m'agraden les mates
-de vegades! 
Non c'e nessuno bello
comme te
Quedan 20 minutos
pero me aburro igualmente. 
¡Y solo es el quinto día! 
[un intento de falsificación
de la firma de mi madre] 
I'm not the only one
staring at the sun 
Bajarse al moro: ¡yo! 
400 o + de sugar 
A-L x Raúl 
A Annalisa le encanta
usar la pluma
y escribir así 
Me aburro
Espía Fucsia. 
¡odio la física!
Some people find it in their lover's eyes
Quedan 22 minutos hoy 
Me voy a colocar

CTRL +T >>> (a translation of a poem by joana abrines)

Mornings begin as I search for my phone

beneath the pillow.

I wait for a retweet that never comes

I eat breakfast in front of the screen

with sleepy-dust in my eyes

but there are no diamonds or chocolate croissants

I answer an urgent email -aren't they all?

and leave the rest in my inbox -for later.

I check my timeline on facebook

and the latest updates

of my 1000 + imaginary friends.

I listen to a song

hit play on a youtube video

share last weekend's picture,

I find a long lost school friend

and open a new digital account.

I get my information hit

in wikipedia references

I google and get to midday


my heart unfocused

too connected

in limbo.

I eat meat and bones in places with wifi

to keep my avatar alive.

I burn the money I'm lacking on ebay

check my email compulsively

and answer messages on whatsapp.

I chat in a cultural conference

and tweet in front of the television

eating from just eat.

I count the lost time

of a generation

always a clic away from being distracted

and forgetting almost everything. 



You can find the original poem by Joana Abrines (in Spanish) here.  

i don't know i said, de matthew savoca

un libro que empieza con "Ninguno de los dos tenía trabajo ni hobbies. No teníamos ningún sitio donde estar ni nada que hacer" podría bien ser un libro sobre jóvenes españoles de hoy en día. veinti-pocos años, sin motivaciones ni horarios, simplemente un día que sigue a otro y así durante mucho tiempo.

pero estos jóvenes tienen amor. o al menos creen que lo tienen, y es lo que les hace seguir adelante. (a veces no se diferencia tanto el cielo proyectado en la pantalla del que brilla realmente afuera).

matthew savocca es un poeta de pennsylvania incluido en Tenían Veinte Años y Estaban Locos. a mí me gustaron sus libros anteriores, long love poem with descriptive title y morocco, escrito junto a kendra grant malone, que también está incluida en el libro antologado por Luna Miguel

por páginas como esta me gusta matthew savoca:


Amazon review: I Don't Know I Said 
i am very happy i finally managed to scrape some euros to buy this book. i live in spain. i think a lot of people here could really relate to some of the stuff happening in this book, especially people my generation, twenty-something and thirty year olds who are mostly unemployed and don't really know what to do with their lives. nothing really bad happens, but nothing really good, either.

i can really relate to this book. i think there is a strong influence of buddhism in it, only buddhism understood in a wrong way. i mean, there is no actual desire to do anything. the only decision Caroline and Arthur take is the decision not to take a decision. there is a sense of permanent dissatisfaction and a lack of the ability to react properly. a kind of buddhism that cannot make things better.

nothing really happens in this book, i mean, nothing big. but it is the beauty of the small things that we can relate to. reading the "funnies" in the newspaper, finding a place with wi-fi, riding a bike, doing yoga. dreaming about going far away on findacrew.com but not actually having the guts to do it. dreaming about breaking up, and having something happen to you. not just anything, just that one big thing we don't know about yet but that might be able to change our paths.

an ordinary love story trying to make life less ordinary.

black over black


waking up
with a hangover
is a difficult thing
to do
it should get easier
if you brush your teeth
and take some naproxene
-the blue pill you had to start taking 
when the old ones proved to be too weak-, 
it should get easier
if you get out of the house
real slow
and whatsapp 
with less will than you
who will join you
on the first epidor of the day
-the double malt beer you had to start taking
when the old ones proved to be too weak-, 
the one that will finally 
get rid of your hangover
and let you enjoy
the numbness 
until morning
when the very first rays
of daylight
begin to disturb you
and it's time to start 
all over again. 

agosto agoniza(ba)


                                                                        foto: isabel mut.

agosto agonizaba. 

los peces morían deshidratados 

y nosotros fingíamos otras muertes

infinitamente más pequeñas todavía.

era agosto 

y estabámos en llamas:

los labios, las encinas, los bailes de madrugada.

agosto era hablar de muerte

y acariciarla -ateridos- en la playa. 

ahora que es septiembre, 

sabemos que de nada sirvió reocuparse

pues era agosto 

y agosto todo lo mata.