CTRL +T >>> (a translation of a poem by joana abrines)

Mornings begin as I search for my phone

beneath the pillow.

I wait for a retweet that never comes

I eat breakfast in front of the screen

with sleepy-dust in my eyes

but there are no diamonds or chocolate croissants

I answer an urgent email -aren't they all?

and leave the rest in my inbox -for later.

I check my timeline on facebook

and the latest updates

of my 1000 + imaginary friends.

I listen to a song

hit play on a youtube video

share last weekend's picture,

I find a long lost school friend

and open a new digital account.

I get my information hit

in wikipedia references

I google and get to midday


my heart unfocused

too connected

in limbo.

I eat meat and bones in places with wifi

to keep my avatar alive.

I burn the money I'm lacking on ebay

check my email compulsively

and answer messages on whatsapp.

I chat in a cultural conference

and tweet in front of the television

eating from just eat.

I count the lost time

of a generation

always a clic away from being distracted

and forgetting almost everything. 



You can find the original poem by Joana Abrines (in Spanish) here.  

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